Hello, Subie

Dear Old Friend,

Two Mondays ago, I bought a car. I also bought this car with no credit.

I researched cars for about a year, well before I got my big girl job. I had narrowed it down to the Subaru Outback and the Toyota Rav4. I wanted a car that could do it all, but also didn’t look like a Prius.

Then I test drove many different vehicles, even ones that weren’t on my list. I tried used cars, new cars, red cars, and blue cars! The one I settled on was brand new, a glorious pearled black, and all mine.

How did I get this car without a credit score you may ask? Well, we all know how I like to fight the man on this whole credit topic and I am happy to say that I won with some old fashioned tools. A bright smile, mountains of research papers, and a confident stature.

First, I really did my research (lacking the fact that I did not read the book “Don’t Get Taken Every Time” recommended by my father…sorry, Dad.)

Second, I called multiple auto loan companies and asked them, “What would you do?”

Third, like I said, I test drove a LOT of cars.

Fourth, I considered the value of the car I was thinking about buying with its annual depreciation – basically how well the car held its value in the market.

Finally, I walked up to the salesman and asked to see the Financial Representative (the one who actually takes your money and gives you a loan). I looked him in the eye and said the following:

“Sir, I am twenty-one years old and I just graduated with my bachelor’s. I have always paid all of my bills on time throughout college and I have paid for them with mostly my own money. I worked very hard through college and I have no outstanding debts. In fact, I have never been in debt. I also am working at a good company that pays me pretty well, and more than enough to buy this car. I am a very responsible young woman and I can get you many letters of recommendation if that’s what you want. I have no credit score, but I have a few thousand dollars saved up that I can put down and I promise to continue saving my money so I can pay down my principal. I would like you to give me a loan for the rest. Making payments on this car would help me get credit so I could eventually buy a house. I know the bank may not accept my offer, but I would like you to try.”

He took a big breath, stood up very tall and straight, and said very surely “Challenge accepted.”

Thirty minutes later I was signing the largest piece of paper I’ve ever seen to become an official car owner. Huzzah!

I’ve come such a long way since my first car and it’s only been four years. I can’t wait to see what I can do with the rest of my life. Every day is an adventure where I wake up and say just what that financial adviser said to me.

Challenge accepted.

Until Next time,

Your favorite Subaru-driver

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