A Girl’s Trip to Canada

Dear Old Friend!

Well, while you and your friends were drinking massive amounts of alcohol and sleeping your days away in Panama City Beach, the Girls and I took our Spring Break, or Summer Break, in Canada!

It took us a long time to get there because of bad weather and poorly trained Airline staff, but it was a good test of our character and friendship. I was very proud of my friends. We truly made the best of, quite possibly, the worst flight out ever.

So, when Trump became president of the U.S.A. many thousands of people were saying “Ah, fuck it, now I’m moving to Canada.” Which always made me ask, Why? Well, most people think that Canada is just the U.S.A. but North. Or they’ll say the Canadians are so nice and clean. Or they’ll say that the Canadians love to party.

While I did enjoy Canada and the people were very nice, I would like all those people who wanted to move to Canada to know this:

  • The U.S.A is blessed. We have FREE use of public restrooms just about anywhere. Canada and Europe do not.
  • The U.S.A. lets you drink whatever you want pretty much wherever you want. This includes at restaurants on patios. In Canada you can only drink indoors.
  • Montreal had more trash on the streets than Richmond, VA – which used to be a very dirty place.
  • Their currency is not paper, it’s plastic and that jut makes me ask so many questions.

But with all cons, there are pros and for Canada there are certainly many pros!

We five young women were able to travel around by ourselves and felt very safe. We were able to spend a total of $700 max on this trip. It’s pretty cheap to eat really nice food in Canada. There are summer festivals which are always fun. You can walk all of Montreal and Quebec City in a day each. The buildings in these cities will make you feel like a princess and the art throughout will make you so happy.


Your favorite adventurer

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