Decisions, Wardrobes, and Luck

Dear Old Friend,

My life is rarely full of anything dull or painful so I am what many would call, lucky. I do feel lucky, each and every day. Maybe that’s my problem. I may be one of the few people my age who recognizes that life is so very short and we must be careful to spend each moment wisely. Lately, though, I have felt so very uninspired. In fact, I had arrived at a point where I had to step out of my day to hold my hands upon the earth as if it would make everything stop spinning. I was not only uninspired, but I was breaking. This is certainly not normal for a person who’s regular nickname for twenty-plus years is: Sunshine.

The reason for my meltdown will seem silly to many people, but maybe you feel the same, too. I had achieved every single goal I had set out for myself and I mean that– every, single one. Sure, I filled my time with many a hobby, but I was struggling with the pain of finding my Ultimate Goal, as I like to call it. Then, opportunity presented to me a wardrobe to what could possibly be Narnia. Or, it would be the Hell I perceive as Wonderland. I still don’t know why people like that story. Poor Alice.

In my Narnia, all of my favorite things dot the landscape: beautiful mountains, lower bills and taxes, more interesting work, and a handsome prince. The only thing I would be leaving behind would be a potential sum of money, a great group of friends, and a possible opportunity to really shine.

But, money doesn’t matter to me. I am already way ahead of most of my peers and I had the $20 Shopping training via Dad.

The friends I made are incredible, but most of their wardrobes are appearing, too. We may be all in distant galaxies soon.

And as for shining, well that was already happening, but this comet wasn’t making it through the asteroid belt no matter how hard I tried.

Now, on the eve that is my impending doom or glory I feel as of I am Captain Sparrow walking the plank. Do I have enough wit and candor to survive the island ahead of me with the only tools they have allowed me? Or do I have enough strength to turn around and take the helm of a new adventure? All I could think about was, if I was an actual pirate I would make sure to be wearing a fabulous pair of boots — with a sensible heel of course.

See you soon,

Your favorite opportunistic adventurer,20171009_082412.jpg

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