Musical Apartments

Dear Old Friend,

Well, per my last post card, I decided to take the reins of the new adventure that was presented before me. I quit my job in Raleigh and packed everything that could possibly squeeze into my Subaru and I moved home to Virginia. I chose a different career, a different industry, and a different lifestyle so I could feel less like a secretary and more inspired by my work.

The first month I lived with my boyfriend and his two roommates. The roommates were delightful little chickens (this is my chosen term of endearment) who gasped at the magic that is homemade cornbread and relished in the free cooking lessons I was giving them each night for community dinner. While I was feeling very much at home when at home, I was feeling very lost at work. They wouldn’t let me do my job, or tell me what I would actually be doing for that matter and my only friend is still the janitor. Yesterday he came up to me and asked if I had, had my “kiss” for the day, to which he promptly pulled out a cherry Hershey’s kiss out of his shirt pocket. His name is Roger. I eagerly await lunch time each day to speak to him. Everyone else is nice, but they are either making babies, having babies, or talking about their grand babies. It’s kind of annoying and sometimes I’m afraid to drink the water! But I’m happy to be in a place that is more like a family than my previous job.

Now, I live in a cute duplex with a pasture of cows as my backyard (hopefully one day I’ll get to meet the farmer) and the highway to the front. The familair sounds of the highway cars rushing by reminds me of my Princess Tower in Raleigh. At least I’m already used to it! The kitten sure loves all the room for her to run around and play in, but even my fierce hunter is afraid to go outside by herself just yet. Once it warms up I’d like to figure out a way to install a cat door for her, but my options are looking a little slim. We’ll see how it goes.

With that update, this adventurer is going to have a much needed weekend of rest.

Wish you were here!


Your favorite neighborhood adventurer

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