Mirror, Mirror

Dear Old Friend,

I’m writing to you from the Middle of Nowhere in the Mid-West of the good ol U.S.A. Well, It’s been awhile since my last letter and for good reason. I have been focusing on myself and trying to be conscious in all of my decisions.

With the first of the year behind us, the excitement over new goals has slowly ebbed away and just like me, I’m sure many of my fellow travelers are feeling the winter blues. I lost fifteen pounds the year I went to Spain (2017) which was amazing! However, I gained five back and haven’t really made much progress otherwise. As I looked into the “Glass Mirror” in a breathtaking cave in the middle of Missouri, I reflected on what I needed to make happen to reach my goals. Cheesy as that may be, these physical representations of our emotions seem to pop up every now and then. Some people call them signs or omens and I felt like this certainly was one. What a beautiful reflection of the stalactite it was. These reflection pools are often referred to as fairy land-type places because the glassy water seems to create a whole new cave beneath the one the explorer stands in, but the funny thing about mirrors is, they’re very blunt things. They show exactly what is, and if they are of high quality- they don’t exaggerate in the least.

Well, old friend, it’s time we figure this fitness thing out – I need to find something that works for me so I can keep up with it. Life was easier on the farm when I was moving constantly each day and hauling heavy objects back and forth all the time. Exercise was simple for me there, but my time in suburbia is making me work much harder. One thing I have resolved myself to do is eat “cleaner” as all the top-notch fitness blogs say. This means less Cinnamon Toast Crunch and more fruit and veggies. The tricky thing about that for me is, I’m allergic to ALL fruits and veggies unless heat or acid is applied! Looks like I’ll be that weird girl buying hoards of canned fruit and frozen vegetables at Gucci Kroger. My sensitive skin always keeps my life interesting!

Until next time, I wish you were here.


Your favorite cave-dwelling adventurer

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