Snowed In

Dear Old Friend,

Being snowed in on the first day of Spring really gets the brain juices flowing if you knw what I mean. You’re all hyped up for Spring and all that energy is just stuck in your body because, well, the snow prevents you from going much of anywhere. So, you just sit around and think.

Recently, I’ve been asking myself just what it is I am doing? Why did I choose the job that I did? Do I even like it? Did I like my job before? What could I be doing that I would actually love? Becoming an adult and working full time is difficult. It’s not just about getting into the routine. It is also accepting the fact that this is your life now. Both of the large companies I’ve worked at make me wonder why many of the employees have worked there for their entire life as an adult. Many of these people have remained working day in and day out at one company for ten to twenty years. Thinking about that blows my mind.

I attribute it mostly to that these people have families and once you have a family you just accept a job for what it is and work there to provide for the family. That makes sense, but doesn’t the daily events at this job affect you? I feel like the politics of my previous company and the pressure of my current company literally suck the soul out of me the more time I spend there. I feel this way even if I am doing really well. Then I think about well, what about all those people on TV or in articles that say they love their job? Or that saying of, oh how does it go? Find something you love, make it your job, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well what about that job? What is that job for me? I know I’m still really young as far as things are considered, but I have done so well up to now. I have felt confident in everything that I striven for until now.

Just what am I doing? I guess, for now, it’s mostly to just pay the bills; but why do I have to wait until I’m older to find a job that I love where I don’t have to “work a day my life”?

All I can say is, the journey continues…


Your young career builder

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