West, East, and a Little In Between

Dear Old Friend,

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve last written! So many adventures have been keeping me away from my keyboard. Since my class ended in June I actually haven’t been on the computer other than to quickly pay bills. I’ve been trying to focus my time on friends and family this summer while enjoying the mountain air. We’ve traveled almost every weekend in June and July and I’m finally at a resting point. It was my brother’s birthday, then my other brother’s then it was my boyfriend’s and his brothers’. After the birthdays, my younger brother and I ventured East to Norfolk to my first Anime convention (his second) where I learned all about the creation of powerful female figures in Anime. There is actually a really cool history about this particular character in Japanese culture and I thoroughly enjoyed the hour lecture I sat through on it.

Then it was to the West to see my boyfriend’s family. It was the first time his mother wasn’t home when we visited and we really didn’t know what to do without her telling us or giving suggestions. We had a good time, though, and helped his younger brother purchase his first computer. Our first computers were gateways to learning about life, the universe, and everything and we both remembered how glorious it was. Next, I traveled solo to California where I met up with my favorite girlfriends to do it “tourist” style around San Francisco. We met many Californians who all used the word “Ridiculous” a ridiculous amount of times. California seems so peaceful and wonderful when you grow up on the East Coast of the U.S., but in reality, every time I visit I am so thankful that I don’t actually live there.

While it is beautiful, I get sunburned 3x as fast.

While it does produce more produce than most of the East Coast does, the prices are outrageous. ($10/dozen for eggs!)

While they say the public transportation is amazing, the tolls are expensive and the wait for buses at rush hour is horrendous. Although, I do recommend Big Bus Tours. It was safe, easy to navigate (they have an app) and the employees are funny and friendly. We all had a surprisingly fun time learning from the natives and riding around on the tour bus.

While they say the homeless people are not a problem, people warn you not to leave your car in the city too long and to watch where you step because it’s not dog poop that you’re avoiding.

While they say anything is possible, you can’t have bonfires in your backyard, you must be careful with water usage, and the rent prices sends people on two hour road trips just to get to work.

The girls and I did have fun, though. Each day we woke early and stayed up late learning all about the Vegan side of life thanks to one of my friends who is Vegan. We also met many people along the way who were so kind and helpful letting us get an extra glass of wine, free herbs, and tastes of fresh yogurt.

And when we drove up the Highway One, we peaked in on Bonny Dune. She was right where I left her when my boyfriend and I traveled there, and it is still the most beautiful beach I’ve seen on any coast in the U.S. The beach is so peaceful and magical. The cliffs remind us the power of water and how lucky we are to exist on this gorgeous planet in our vast universe.

The best part about my trip West was that I finally felt so at peace with where I am in life. I feel so lucky to have these girl friends who care so much about what is going on and who I also care so much about. I’m happy to still have my parents and to see them begin to live out their dreams. I am also happy to get to return to a partner who picks me up from the airport even if it would make him late for his class. There was no moment more sweet as when he saw me lost and confused in the terminal. His eyes lit up and he rushed to hug me, took my hand and held it tight while we waited for my bag patiently. He looked up and said “Okay, no more running away like that. I missed you too much!” He was joking, but it was the cutest thing I think he’s ever said.

The next few weeks I’ll be resting and planning the future. My goal is to take two classes each semester to finish up grad school early and maybe even pay off my car next year. I need capital in order to start all of my business ideas and to do that I need to close some payment streams elsewhere.

The Subaru is still worth every payment though, she takes me high and low, near and far, and doesn’t bat an eye when there’s fowl weather. Until the next update…

Your favorite, unlicensed, World Traveler

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